Our Dementia Care

Dealing with people who suffer from dementia is always a challenge to family members and nursing staff. Mom, Dad, Grandma: Suddenly your loved ones start forgetting, and gradually they become insecure in their environment that becomes an endangerment to their health and well being. That's why a professional, gentle, and well trained bedside manner is important. We have very special conditions to bolster the lives of people affected and help them live completely trusting lives and free from fear.


Our Dementia Care at The Frontier House guarantees

  • Closed living area with single and double rooms lovingly furnished
  • Individual furnishings of personal rooms for a familiar feeling
  • Handicapped/Elderly equipped bathrooms, toilets and showers
  • Continuous and confidential care by our trained caregivers
  • Inclusion of family members according to personal needs and wishes
  • Scheduled daily activities catering to each patient's specific needs


Do you want to find out more about your options and our services ?

We will be happy to consult with you personally. You can find more information on our care home service rates in the section service charges.